Screeching tires. Shattered glass. The crunching of metal. Then unbearable pain. In a flash, your life can change. The sights and sounds of a serious car accident can haunt you in the months to come, as you cope with doctor visits, medical bills, insurance claims, and other constant reminders of the moment you wish you could forget.

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Shelby, North Carolina Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics

Every day, preventable highway accidents in North Carolina cause serious injuries and put a heavy burden on North Carolina families. These accident statistics are surprising, especially when you let it soak in that behind every single one of these numbers is a face, a life, and a family.

north carolina icon

traffic crashes were recorded throughout the state.

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motorcyclists were injured and 144 motorcyclists were killed

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people were injured in car accidents.

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people were killed.

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pedestrians were killed.

Common Types Of Auto Accident Injuries In Shelby, North Carolina

North Carolina doctors and medical workers see a rush of auto accident victims coming through emergency room doors every day.

Common types of auto accident injuries include:

However, just because doctors are used to dealing with these types of auto accident injuries, that doesn’t mean you are. Serious auto accident injuries can leave victims shocked and terrified about what’s going to happen to them. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may need:

  • Surgery
  • Months of physical therapy
  • Time off work to recover
  • Job retraining