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When arrested on misdemeanor or felony charges, you will be required to appear in court before a local Magistrate or District Court judge on the matter of bail. It is this judicial official’s job to determine if you can be released from jail on your own recognizance or if a surety bond is required and/or other conditions for your pre-trial release. If you are released, you will be able to wait for your trial from home. If it is decided that you should not be released, you will have to await trial while being held in jail. 

Various factors will be reviewed by the judge to make his or her decision about your release. It is always to your advantage to be represented by a competent criminal defense lawyer at this crucial time. At Teddy, Meekins & Talbert, P.L.L.C., our criminal law team can provide the help you need in presenting positive arguments and evidence on your behalf to secure your release, whether such release requires a bond or not. With 30 years of experience handling these types of matters in the local criminal courts, our team is well-equipped to provide legal help that can make a difference in your case.

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Bond Hearings in North Carolina

Bail is the amount of money you will need to post to gain your release from jail. Bail acts as collateral to ensure that you will show up for future court hearings and your trial. It acts as a guarantee; if you fail to present yourself in future court hearings, the amount will be forfeited. If you act in good faith by showing up, the amount will be returned to you once your trial is over. Once bail has been set by the presiding judge, it can be posted as a surety bond, typically through a bail bond company. 

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Bond Hearing Proceedings & Factors

In bail hearings, the presiding judicial official’s job is not to discuss guilt or innocence but review the circumstances of your case to decide if you should be released. During the proceeding, you must be present along with your attorney. The proceeding does not involve a jury. Only the judge will decide.

Judges will look at various factors to determine the outcome. Their main purpose is to decide if you are a flight risk or present a danger to the community or yourself. 

In deciding, judges may review:

  • The type of crime you are accused of committing
  • Your past criminal convictions if any
  • Your family ties and connections to the community
  • Your employment history and/or financial resources
  • Your character 

In these hearings, the local prosecutor may argue against your release. You will need a strong presentation by your attorney to counteract this. By showing the judge a history of positive accomplishments, our team can reassure the judge that you are not a risk to others or someone who will flee to avoid a trial. 

In bail/bond hearings, our Shelby bond hearing lawyer will present a well-prepared case to the court. It is important to remember that this proceeding is based on a presumption of innocence and thus you have certain protections that those who have been found guilty do not.

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We will do everything possible to convince the court that you are not likely to flee, commit further crimes, or that you pose a danger to others. Our team of highly-experienced lawyers includes a Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialist, who has the expertise needed in pursuing favorable results in these proceedings. 

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