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According to the North Carolina Judicial Branch, expungement (also called expunction) is the “legal process to remove a criminal conviction or a criminal charge from a person’s record and to seal or destroy the state’s records of the arrest, charge, and/or conviction.” Once this has been accomplished, you do not have to inform others or answer questions about the expunged criminal record when applying for employment, housing, or other life matters. North Carolina provides different procedures for both the expungement of adult crimes as well as juvenile crimes.

At Teddy, Meekins & Talbert, P.L.L.C, our criminal law attorneys provide the representation you need in seeking an expungement of your criminal record. The laws and procedures for expungements are many and complex. We can review your case to determine if you are eligible for an expungement and represent you throughout the process. Our goal is to help you secure a favorable result based on thoroughly-prepared arguments and documentation presented to the court. 

Talk to a Shelby expungement attorney about your situation in a confidential case evaluation. You can contact us online or by phone at (704) 396-5155 to get started. 

North Carolina Expungement Overview

A criminal record can seriously hamper your future in many ways. From applying for jobs to qualifying for professional licenses and other career opportunities, housing, and more, a criminal record can be the factor that allows employers, landlords, and others to turn you down. Once your record is expunged, however, you do not have to list the arrest or charge on applications or discuss it with anyone. Expungement can make the difference between a bright future that advances careers and provides better educational opportunities and financial prospects.

North Carolina has many expungement laws that are specific to different types of cases. These laws can range from those applicable to misdemeanors, gang offenses, drug crimes, nonviolent felonies for those under 18, nonviolent adult felonies, prostitution offenses, identity theft, and more. Each has its own requirements and application process. 

In some cases, you may seek an expungement for multiple charges or convictions while in other cases, this is not permitted. In other cases, you may be able to expunge one charge in a case involving multiple charges while unable to expunge the other charge(s). Because of the complex nature of the laws and rules regarding expungements, you will need advice regarding your eligibility and the best way to move forward. 

To secure an expungement, you generally must meet the following requirements:

  • Fulfill the required waiting period before you can file your expungement petition
  • Pay all court costs with proof that they were paid
  • Have completed any probation or are not on parole
  • Have not been named in a warrant for arrest or a criminal summons
  • Have not committed any new crimes 
  • Have no pending charges
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Once your arrest or charges have been expunged, they will not be available to the public on background checks. However, all other records, such as dismissals, pending charges, or non-guilty verdicts that have not been expunged will still be available. 

Because of the many variations and complications involved in expungement, including filing under the applicable statute, we strongly recommend that you turn to Teddy, Meekins & Talbert, P.L.L.C. for competent and dedicated legal help. 

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