How Much Is Child Support?

child support

Need a Family Law attorney in Lincoln County North Carolina?

If too much time has passed since you’ve seen your child, or if you have a custody case going on and need legal advice, our family law attorneys may be able to help.

Whether it’s a divorce case involving children or a parent who wants to relocate out of state with the kids, our family attorneys provide peace of mind. We’ll analyze your situation and recommend an effective strategy based on our substantial experience in family law.

family in the kitchenOur Approach to Serving Our Family Law Clients in Lincolnton NC

At Teddy, Meekins, and Tabert, we know that going through a divorce is one of the most difficult experiences a person can have. It’s not unusual to be in a constant state of uncertainty, worrying about your future and that of your children.

It is our goal to provide you with the support and information you need when going through this process so you can focus on taking care of loved ones and doing what is best for you and your family.

What is Post Separation Support?

As an established law firm in Lincolnton, North Carolina, we possess the knowledge and background necessary to achieve positive results for our clients. If you would like to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced child support attorney please call us today to schedule a consultation.

Need Help With Custody & Visitation Matter?

Child support is an important part of life after divorce in North Carolina. Although there are many things that go into setting the amount of child support, it is important to consider how each parent’s income affects the payment.

This can be a touchy topic for some people; however, parents who take the time to understand how it works are better equipped to make decisions about their future.

North Carolina Child Support Guidelines

A working knowledge of how child support is calculated will allow parents to take proactive steps towards planning for the future, allowing for greater financial security and stronger relationships with children.

In North Carolina, courts have guidelines based on factors such as parental income and expenses when determining what kind of support should be ordered. There are certain deductions that may apply when evaluating a parent’s ability to pay, including taxes and health care expenses from insurance or otherwise paid by the noncustodial parents.

One of the most common mistakes by parents occurs when they don’t include all sources of income when filing for child support. Paychecks alone may not fully represent a person’s full financial situation.

Additional income streams may include interest, dividends, capital gains, retirement payments, lottery winnings, or rental property income. For people who work on commission or are paid per contract basis, earnings may be calculated by reviewing average monthly wages and commissions.

Expenses for children are also considered. This includes activities like daycare and school tuition costs, as the case may be.

Why Do You Need an Attorney to Represent You?

For some people, the answer may be self-evident: they don’t know whom to call or what procedures to follow. For others, it’s a puzzler: why do they need someone else when it’s their own life and their own interests that are at stake?

There are several reasons why an attorney is better suited than the client alone to handle his or her case.

How to get divorced in North Carolina

The most important reason is that family law issues tend to be complex; there are rules of evidence and procedure which must be followed. This can be incredibly difficult for a layperson who has never faced such proceedings before, let alone without an attorney.

Any legal matter requires a deep understanding of the ways in which the law and the facts intersect, not to mention how arguments can be made or challenged; an attorney is trained for this.

Having an experienced advocate on your side who knows exactly what he or she is doing can make all the difference in protecting your personal goals and legal rights.

The stakes are all too high when it comes to family matters, so much so that they can lead to lasting consequences for everyone involved. When it comes to child support, for instance, the amount involved can be pivotal for one’s financial future.

Does that mean that you should never represent yourself? The harsh reality is that if you do not have the skills or experience needed to handle your own case without a lawyer, then you may end up causing more harm than good.

Lawyers are trained in law and procedure; they’ve seen all sorts of cases before so they know how to deal with them effectively. This means that an attorney who has specific knowledge about family law will have a distinct advantage over any layperson.

However, there are exceptions. Some people are able to successfully represent themselves in court because they are intelligent and understand legal issues well enough that can to do well without an attorney.

This is especially true for contested divorces. Because these cases are complicated by emotions, some people feel that they can’t be resolved amicably on their own.

Nevertheless, it would be advised to hire a lawyer at least initially in order to work out any settlements before proceeding with court proceedings.

For more information on how you should proceed regarding your family law issue, please visit us online today!

Child Custody in Lincolnton NC

For many families, the custody part of a divorce is not as important as the financial issues involved. This can be especially true if children are old enough to decide for themselves who they want to live with. The amount of child support for children may be the subject of litigation.

For younger children, though, some parents fight for custody of children because it affects how much time they spend with their kids and what kind of financial support they will receive from the non-custodial parent.

NC child support laws are very specific about who is eligible to receive child support payments and for how long. If you believe you deserve child support or if your former spouse believes you do not deserve any money toward your children’s care, then hiring an experienced family law attorney may help guide you through the legal process of establishing paternity and requesting appropriate support, if any, be ordered by the Court.

Family Law Attorney Lincolnton NC

We provide legal advice about child support based on years of experience, hard work, and compassion. As Lincolnton family law attorneys, our goal is to help explain child support in a way you can understand it – Meredith Shuford, Lincoln County Child Support Lawyer

Call Teddy, Meekins, and Talbert to schedule a consultation if you have questions about child support, child custody, or domestic violence in Lincolnton:

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The content herein is for educational purposes only and does not create an attorney-client relationship. In submitting a contact form to schedule a consultation involving divorce, support, and your family, please do not submit confidential materials. Prior to accepting any Lincolnton family law matter for representation, our law firm will conduct a conflict check to confirm availability for legal representation.

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