Trafficking Charges in Shelby, NC

What Is Drug Trafficking?

Drug trafficking charges in Shelby are serious stuff. They may involve prosecution in federal and/or state criminal court.

In very simple terms, trafficking answers two basic questions:

  1. Are the materials seized as part of an arrest or criminal prosecution for trafficking in NC in fact a controlled substance?
  2. How much of the controlled substance is involved?

The "how much" question is important for trafficking charges in North Carolina.

A lot depends on the type of drug. For example, trafficking marijuana charges ordinarily involve a certain minimum weight. Marijuana does not lend itself to a "dosage unit" type of description.

Trafficking in LSD on the other hand often includes consideration of dosage units, as LSD may be distributed in a lot of different ways.

The NC Felony Drug laws account for differences in nature and type of controlled substances.

As such, trafficking charges may involve an indictment that refers to "dosage units." Criminal allegations may also allege a certain amount of weight.

NC Trafficking charges are felony allegations. That's true for federal charges brought in the "Western District" as well.

"We see a lot of trafficking charges in Shelby and Rutherford County NC. In part that's because we sit at the intersection of I-85 and I-74" - Daniel Talbert, Rutherford County Criminal Defense Attorney

If you stand accused of drug charges, whether it's for PWISD charges (Possession with Intent to Sell Deliver) or even simple possession of marijuana in Shelby, we are available for legal consultation.

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