Wrongful Death Claim from a Car Accident in North Carolina
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The death of a loved one in a car accident is a devastating experience, and the emotional and financial toll can be overwhelming. In North Carolina, family members left behind may be entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim against the party who caused the car accident. This type of lawsuit can help the family recover financial compensation for a wide range of losses while securing a measure of justice for the deceased.

North Carolina’s Wrongful Death Statute

Under North Carolina’s wrongful death statute, the estate of someone who died due to another party’s negligence or criminal act can bring a wrongful death suit against that party. Only the personal representative of the estate can initiate this action. If a decedent does not leave a will nominating a personal representative, the family can petition the courts to appoint a personal representative to pursue the wrongful death claim. Common choices for personal representatives include surviving spouses, parents, or adult children. 

In North Carolina, a personal representative must file a wrongful death lawsuit within two years of the person’s death. If the case is not filed within the two-year period, the court will likely refuse to hear it. 

How Much Compensation Could I Recover After a Fatal NC Auto Accident?

Wrongful death claims aim to help families cope with the financial burden of a loved one’s untimely death. While nothing can replace a lost family member, the compensation these claims provide can lessen the financial burden of their death. 

Families who have lost a loved one in a car accident in North Carolina may be able to recover financial compensation for losses, including:

  • Medical expenses before the victim’s death
  • Pain and suffering the victim experienced
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of income and inheritance

How Our Attorneys Help Families After Deadly Car Accidents in N.C.

At the law firm of Teddy, Meekins & Talbert, P.L.L.C., we know how painful it is for those left to pick up the pieces after a fatal car accident. Our wrongful death attorneys are devoted to holding negligent parties accountable for their actions and helping families get the closure and financial support they need to move forward and heal. 

Our attorneys are prepared to do everything possible to secure justice for your family’s loss, including investigating the circumstances of the car accident, gathering all available evidence, and compiling a solid case on your behalf. We will negotiate with insurance companies and won’t hesitate to take them to court if necessary. By handling every aspect of your legal case for you, we will give you the time and space you need to mourn your loved one and care for your family.

Contact the Wrongful Death Attorneys at Teddy, Meekins & Talbert, P.L.L.C. 

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