S. Williams

“Ms. Garren is my ‘Wonder Woman’. She’s a fighter,” states Mr. Williams.

“When my case was taken to superior court, they were trying to send me to prison. It turned my life upside down. I lost two jobs due to going back and forth to court.”

“Ms. Allison came to save me. I had heard about the firm and had some friends who were previously represented by Teddy, Meekins & Talbert, P.L.L.C. Luckily, Ms. Garren was assigned to my case. She believed in me and fought the fight.”

“The case was won by her and I was found innocent by all 12 jurors – unanimously. She fought right through it like a champ. She’s totally awesome. There’s nothing negative about her – not one single thing. She’s the right person for the courtroom.”

Susan Severson

“I am so very grateful for the care I received from Mr. Meekins and Stephanie Lavender. They are my heroes and my angels. I would recommend to anyone needing their particular kind of help to see them. God Bless them!”

Tonya Russell

“Great lawyers in this office they actually care about your case and don’t mind fighting for the best outcome.”

Ernest Meeks

“Mr. Teddy represented my interest during the most difficult time in life with personal and professional care, a commanding presence of respect in and out of the court room. Along with a staff of equally qualified and competent professionals in the legal system making my experience much easier. I would recommend this law firm to those in need of the very best in legal representation.”